What changes were made in the February 2014 web services release?

Version 2.0 of the web services was released on February 10, 2014. This release included some minor schema changes, fixes, and other enhancements (detailed below).

The following known issues were resolved (required schema changes):

  • Known Issue 4546: Users are now able to retrieve use details revisions for all stadium, medical office, and education property uses
  • Known Issue 4548: Users are now able to retrieve the following property use types: Indoor Arena, Other Stadium, Stadium – Closed, and Stadium – Open
  • Known Issues 4664 & 4679: The ability to specify units was added for “Hotel Spa Area,” (4664) “Hotel Gym Area,” and “Hotel Laundry” (4679)
  • Known Issue 4511: Users are now able to enter decimal values for estimated energy cost per unit in the Target Finder
    web services

The following updates were made to the GET calls below (requires schema changes):

  • The data type (string, integer, etc.) is now returned when users run TargetFinder and Design-Metrics GET metrics calls
  • The account ID of the property owner is now returned when users GET /share/meter/pending/list
  • GET Access Levels: GET /property/propertyID and GET /meter/meter ID now includes access levels. This service provides the ability to retrieve the current access (sharing) privileges for a property/meter after initial share acceptance.

 The following updates were made to the POST calls below (required schema changes):

  • The “plantDesignFlowRate” use detail is now required for the Wastewater Treatment Plant property use.
  • The "numberOfOpenRefrigerationUnits" use detail has been changed to "numberOfOpenClosedRefrigerationUnits".
  • The following use details now require a unit of measure to be included:
    • “gymnasiumFloorArea” use detail for the K-12 School property use.
    • “sizeOfElectronicScoreBoards” use detail for the Indoor Arena, Other - Stadium, Closed Stadium, and Open Stadium property uses.
    • “surgeryCenterFloorArea” use detail for the Medical Office property use.

The following property uses now receive additional (optional) use details and options (requires schema changes):

  • Hospital
    • Licensed Beds (distinct from staffed beds)
    • Number of Workers on the Main Shift (distinct from/in addition to Number of FTEs)
    • Percent that can be Heated
    • Percent that can be Cooled
    • Option to apply a Default Value for the use detail "On-Site Laundry Facility"

Additional supporting documentation has been added to the web services homepage and API, including a list of variable types for the various metrics. Updates and improvements have been made to the existing API documentation.

A recording of the recent Web Services 2.0 Beta release can be found here. Slides associated with this webinar presentation can be downloaded below.

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