Can I re-share a property that has been shared with me?

The short answer:

Not yet. Currently in Portfolio Manager, only the building owner can share the property. This was done to maintain simplicity and to streamline sharing features. However, based on customer feedback, EPA is currently developing this feature and we expect it to be available by late summer.

In the short term there are three "work-arounds":

  1. Building Owner shares the building with everyone who needs access.
  2. Building Owner transfers ownership of the property to another person who can manage the "Sharing."
  3. Building Owner transfers the entire account to another person who can manage the "Sharing." (note: you can't change the username)


The long explanation:

This policy (to not allow re-sharing) was originally created because when re-sharing is allowed there is a series of cascading questions to be considered which can compromise security or cause the system to behave in unintended ways.  Our new system has more variations in the types of sharing permissions creating more complicated questions about how you can share (what access level do you need, what if your access changes, etc)?  Most of these questions do not have a single “right” answer and any answer that you choose could create usability issues – people not realizing who they have shared with, or not being able to edit sharing permissions after they’ve shared a building.  

Consider a few examples:

  1. I share with Bill and Bill shares with Andrew, what happens if I remove Bill’s access?  Does Andrew still have access?  Does Andrew need to be connected to me? (EPA Working answer: Andrew will still have access, this will be an exception to the rule that you need to be connected to a contact for a share to work.)
  2. I share with Bill and give him Full Access and he shares with Andrew with Full Access.  Then, I edit Bill to have Read Only access.  Does Andrew still have access?  (EPA Working answer: Yes) Can Bill still see Andrew’s access on his sharing tab? (EPA Working answer: No)  If so, the “edit” option would have to be disabled, since Bill can no longer “share.”  Since Bill can no longer share, who can Edit the sharing rights associated with Andrew? (EPA Working answer: the building owner)  
  3. I share with Bill, Bill shares with Andrew, Andrew shares with Tracy, Tracy shares with Dan…in this case, do I need to be able to trace this progression in my account? (EPA Working answer: Yes) Does my account show that Bill, Andrew, Tracy, and Dan all have access? (EPA Working answer: Yes) This could require some kind of infrastructure/table to show a theoretically infinite number of shares. (EPA Working Answer: The building owner would see everyone who has access, how they got the access, and have the ability to edit anyone's access. Everyone else in the string of sharing would see everything downstream of them, and depending on their access may be able to edit others permissions.)
  4. I share with Bill, Bill shares with Andrew. I disconnect with Bill (remove my connection), does he still have access to my property? (EPA Working answer: Yes, disconnect and unshare are not dependent upon each other. I would have to also unshare the property with Bill if I didn't want him to have access to it.) Does Andrew still have access to my property? (EPA Working answer: Yes.)

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