How were space types for buildings in the old Portfolio Manager migrated to the new property uses in the new Portfolio Manager?

The new Portfolio Manager has an expanded list of property types (which were called "space types" in the old system). As part of the data conversion, your data may have been put into one of the new property types (see chart below).

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Note: The property types which can receive ENERGY STAR scores will not change. The new property types will be treated in the same way that "Other" was treated in the old Portfolio Manager. The expanded list of property types will offer users more specific and accurate categorization for comparison against similar properties.

Space Type Data Migration Key
Old: Space Type New: Property Type
Bank/Financial Institution* Bank Branch*
Financial Office*
Courthouse Courthouse
Data Center Data Center**
Hotel Hotel
House of Worship Worship Facility
K-12 School K-12 School
Medical Office Medical Office
Office Office
Residence Hall/Dormitory/Barracks Residence Hall/Dormitory/Barracks
Retail Retail Store
Supermarket/Grocery Supermarket/Grocery Store
Warehouse (nonrefrigerated)*** Non-Refrigerated Warehouse***
Distribution Center***
Warehouse (refrigerated) Refrigerated Warehouse
Parking Parking
Swimming Pool Swimming Pool
Senior Care Facility Senior Care Community
Multifamily Housing Multifamily Housing
Other - Education Other - Education
Other - Education - College/University (Campus-Level) College/University
Other - Food Sales Food Sales
Other - Food Sales - Convenience Store (with or without Gas Station) Convenience Store without Gas Station
Other - Food Service Food Service
Other - Food Service - Restaurant/Cafeteria Restaurant
Other - Food Service - Fast Food Fast Food Restaurant
Other - Health Care: Inpatient Other/Specialty Hospital
Other - Health Care: Outpatient Outpatient Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy
Other - Health Care: Outpatient - Clinic/Other Outpatient Health Urgent Care/Clinic/Other Outpatient
Other - Lodging Other - Lodging/Residential
Other - Mall (Strip Mall and Enclosed) Other - Mall
Other - Public Assembly Other - Entertainment/Public Assembly
Other - Public Assembly - Entertainment/Culture Other - Entertainment/Public Assembly
Other - Public Assembly - Library Library
Other - Public Assembly - Recreation Other - Recreation
Other - Public Assembly - Social/Meeting Social/Meeting Hall
Other - Public Order and Safety Other - Public Services
Other - Public Order and Safety - Fire Station/Police Station Fire Station or Police Station or Other - Public Services****
Other - Service (Vehicle Repair/Service, Postal Service) Other - Services
Other - Storage/Shipping/Non-Refrigerated Warehouse Non-Refrigerated Warehouse
Other - Storage/Shipping/Non-Refrigerated Warehouse - Self-Storage Self-Storage Facility
Other - Retail (Misc)**** Other - Mall*****
Other - Retail (Misc) - Automobile Dealership Automobile Dealership
Other - Other Other
*Data will be migrated based on the building size. If floor area is less than or equal to 50,000 sq. ft., the space will be migrated to "Bank Branch." If floor area is greater than 50,000 sq. ft., the space will be migrated to "Financial Office."
**The Data Center spaces listed under the "Services" and "Technology" primary function areas are identical.
***Spaces currently benchmarked under the "Warehouse (unrefrigerated)" spacetype will migrate depending on their answer to the Distribution Center attribute. If a building has selected "Yes," then it will be converted to "Distribution Center". If the building has selected "No," or left the attribute blank, then it will be converted to "Non-Refrigerated Warehouse".
****If your property in the old system had the word "Police" we put it in "Police Station." If your property had the word "Fire" we put it in "Fire Station." If if had neither, we put it in "Other-Public Services."
*****Existing data will be migrated as "Other - Mall". Newly added property uses will no longer be able to select "Other - Other" as a function type.
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