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  2. 7224What's the difference between my "property" GFA and my "use total" GFA?
  3. 6192I have a multi-building property. If I update the property use details of a child property will the parent property automatically be updated?
  4. 4351Are there any known issues/bugs in the new Portfolio Manager?
  5. 4119I'm getting a warning when I enter my bill data. What does it mean?
  6. 2163How do I set up my meters to indicate which ones should be used for my property’s metrics?
  7. 1989Can I change my meter type?
  8. 1907How do I set up a connection with my customers in Portfolio Manager to enable us to share and exchange data?
  9. 1868I have a score above 75, but I don't have the option to apply. Why?
  10. 1861Why did my score change in the new Portfolio Manager?
  11. 1835Is there a list of enhancements/improvements EPA is planning for Portfolio Manager?
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  2. 4/23/2014Is EPA developing a score for multifamily buildings?
  3. 4/22/2014Is Portfolio Manager affected by the Heartbleed Bug?
  4. 4/21/2014When is the deadline for my state or local benchmarking requirement?
  5. 4/21/2014Who can validate the Statement of Energy Performance for a property's ENERGY STAR label application?
  6. 4/15/2014How can I connect to my utility provider?
  7. 4/11/2014Did the access rights for my shared properties change in the new Portfolio Manager?
  8. 4/11/2014How do I enter the green power I purchase?
  9. 4/11/2014I own solar panels that generate some of my energy. How do I enter them in Portfolio Manager?
  10. 4/11/2014When I am entering a new meter, why does the system ask if the meter is currently in use? What is the purpose of adding meter information for a meter that isn’t currently in use?
  11. 4/11/2014What data is required to set up a meter?
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