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  2. 8361How do I get rid of a gap or overlap "Warning" when entering bills?
  3. 5717What's the difference between my "property" GFA and my "use total" GFA?
  4. 5062How do I account for my vacant space in my Office, Bank, Financial Center, Courthouse, or Medical Office?
  5. 4626Can I get a score if my Data Center is not separately metered?
  6. 4500Is it possible to change my meter type?
  7. 4441How do I set up my meters to indicate which ones should be used for my property’s metrics?
  8. 4054How do I transfer a property to another user?
  9. 4049How do I enter parking?
  10. 3893Which property types are eligible for an ENERGY STAR score/certification?
  11. 3798What enhancements are planned for Portfolio Manager?
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  2. 04/24/2015What does “time weighted” mean?
  3. 04/24/2015How do I enter my Geothermal Heat Pump?
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  5. 04/24/2015Which property IDs are tracked in Portfolio Manager?
  6. 04/24/2015When is the deadline for my state or local benchmarking requirement?
  7. 04/24/2015If I've replied to a data request, and my contractor also (accidentally) submits for the same property, will mine be over-written?
  8. 04/24/2015I need to respond to a Data Request. Do you have any materials to help?
  9. 04/24/2015How do I find the receipt or confirmation e-mail for the required benchmarking report that I submitted?
  10. 04/24/2015How do I create a Data Request to collect data from others?
  11. 04/24/2015Do you have information about the NYC LL84 benchmarking report?
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