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  1. New FAQs This Month (Aug 2015)
  2. How do I update my building profile?
  3. What is Share Forward?
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  1. Improving Energy Efficiency
  2. Do you have any resources for tenants or workers to be more energy efficient?
  3. Do you have any tips for engaging employees and tenants?
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  1. Account Basics
  2. Can I mark a property as "Inactive"?
  3. Can I merge 2 duplicate versions of the same property into one?
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  1. ENERGY STAR Certification
  2. Can I apply for certification for previous years?
  3. Can medical offices and dormitories get ENERGY STAR certification?
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  1. Property Information
  2. Property Use Details Are updates to a child property automatically saved to the parent property?
  3. How do I change ...? Can I change my meter type?
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  1. Property Types
  2. Can medical offices and dormitories get ENERGY STAR certification?
  3. How do I add a swimming pool or fitness center to my property?
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  1. Metrics (Site/Source EUI, etc.)
  2. Do any energy metrics include the cost data that I enter?
  3. Does building age affect energy use?
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  1. Meters
  2. Can I enter energy use for my whole building (from a master meter or my utility) as well as parts of my building (sub-metered areas) without double counting energy use?
  3. Can I enter negative values for energy consumption?
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  1. Reporting
  2. Can I get a water report to compare my current year with my water baseline?
  3. Can I run a report with multiple year-ending dates? How about with monthly metrics?
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  1. Spreadsheet Uploads
  2. Can I download all of my Portfolio Manager data?
  3. Can I reuse a template that I previously generated?
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  1. Campuses
  2. Are updates to a child property automatically saved to the parent property?
  3. Can a building be associated with another building as a "sibling" not as parent-child?
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  1. State & Local Benchmarking Requirements
  2. Can I delete a Data Request that I created to collect data?
  3. Do you have information about the NYC LL84 benchmarking report?
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  1. Federal
  2. How do I delete a Portfolio Manager account?
  3. How do I export my buildings' data to CTS?
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  1. Target Finder
  2. Are Target Finder’s emissions factors national, regional, or state-based?
  3. At what point during a design project is a building no longer eligible for the Design to Earn the ENERGY STAR certification?
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  1. Training
  2. Do you have any training videos?
  3. What is the Certificate of Proficiency in Benchmarking?
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  1. Web Services
  2. Account Web Services A customer list is available through the “GET /customer/list ”service, but could customer lists be made available as a downloadable report through the web services GUI tab in the new Portfolio Manager?
  3. General Web Services Integration Questions After I apply for access to the web services LIVE environment as a data exchange provider, will my customers also need to apply for LIVE access for their individual accounts?
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  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Are there any financial incentives for making energy improvements?
  3. Can I participate in user testing of new Portfolio Manager features?
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